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Uta Wga Agreement

UTA, the entertainment industry`s third-largest talent agency, has signed an agreement with the Writers Guild of America, as the agency announced Wednesday in a letter to staff close to the client. Earlier, a source had informed The Hollywood Reporter of the deal, and on Tuesday night several sources said discussions were underway. The UTA agreement is all the more important for the guild because the contractual provisions against packaging fees are all the more important for the guild because the UTA agreement contains an anti-packaging provision prohibiting new packaging. But what gives one hand, takes another, is that the provision will not come into force until June 30, 2022, even if another “designated agency” (WME, CAA or ICM) also starts (or leaves the case) or if the WGA wins in court – or arouses enough legislative interest in the whole confusing case to obtain a legal ban on packaging that it enjoys a legal ban on packaging. which seems unlikely. It`s quite a comeback from a campaign that WGA West President Goodman called a “justified power grab” that had to be achieved through a “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Goodman , who was re-elected by an overwhelming majority in September, and David Young, the stubborn CEO of WGA West, have largely maintained the solidarity of members and have in fact divided the agencies and the Association of Talented Agents. But the clause for recipient countries and the fact that each iteration of the agreement is based on the previous immediate draft meant that, although the agencies were nominally divided, a victory for a talent company was a victory for all. Perseverance, member solidarity and a major battle in the coronavirus-fuelled recession gave the Writers Guild of America a victory in its fight with major talent agencies on July 15, and UTA signed an amended version of its franchise agreement. But the agreement itself is a little less than it seems, having been watered down with each iteration, since at least nine major agencies were signed last year. Finally, UTA made enough concessions to make the agreement a victory for both sides.

“At a time when good news is in demand, we have a few,” UTA co-chair Jay Sures said in a letter to writers.

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