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Springfield School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

N/A indicates that the problem has not been addressed as part of the documents verified by the NCTQ. The school district teacher count, enrolment and demographics date from the 2016-2017 school year, which comes from the National Center for Education Statistics. Among the Amerindians, The American Indians, the Alaskan Indians and the Hawaiian Aborigines. The Board of Directors and its representatives will conduct respectful negotiations with workers` representatives. It is important that the negotiations do not disrupt the functioning of the school or have a negative impact on the educational environment. The ultimate goal of all negotiations is to ensure the services needed to provide district students with excellent training in a safe environment, based on a solid and realistic budget. Learn more about how Springfield Public District stacks MO with similar districts. Learn more about springfield Public School District, MO District Policies by creating a personalized report from our database. In addition, the Board of Directors is aware that collective agreements are legally binding and is committed to respecting the provisions of any agreement. The legal obligation of collective agreements does not require the borough or the workers` representatives to accept a proposal or make a concession.

Board policy and district procedures will apply in the absence of a binding agreement if the agreement does not address a problem or if an agreement expires and no new agreement is reached on this issue. Click on an article below to view and download materials provided by the Springfield Public School District, MO for more information about the District. The school district recognizes the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with staff on an ongoing basis and advising staff on the issue of salary and other conditions of employment. When workers request it, the district collectively negotiates with workers` representatives, in accordance with the law.

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