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Simple Reseller Agreement Template

This agreement includes the entire contract between actions relating to their subject and replaces all agreements, representations and understanding of the actions taken or oral. This agreement can be translated into alternatives, each of which can be considered unique, but which together constitutes the same agreement. A reseller agreement is the agreement under which a company or single trader buys goods or services to sell them instead of consuming or using them. Under this agreement, the company is the supplier of certain products in person and the dealer wishes to be designated as the reseller of some or all of the products. This software reseller agreement exists between an owner/manufacturer of certain products (supplier) and a company that wishes to offer remarketing [installation] and other services related to these products (resellers). Important sales and delivery commitments are defined. It has been updated/modified to clarify the supplier and reseller`s obligations to support the reseller`s customers. The company is not responsible for any area of this agreement or as part of an agreement, negligence, strict liability or any other legal or reasonable approach to any oblique, special, unforeseen or resulting loss, regardless of the nature of the absence of profits, the absence of profits, whether it was recommended to have the chance of such a loss in advance. This rule of exception may allow third-party statements to take away the responsibility of the other. On no occasion will a company be responsible for the cost of purchasing alternative products by a supplier. Moreover, the overall liability of the company under this agreement cannot at any time exceed the amount actually received by a supplier`s company in the previous 24 months, which has resulted in an increase in this liability. This agreement provides for two levels of support, one by the dealer directly to the customer and the second by the supplier via the reseller.

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