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Dawson College Collective Agreement

The IC is established by a formula (APPENDIX I-1 in the collective agreement) that takes into account: Dawson College is a unionized environment. Collective agreements are negotiated with representatives of the workers` unions and the Employers` Bargaining Committee of the Collegiates (CPNC). Please note that the French version of the collective agreement is the “official” version at all times. Some students were frustrated by the school`s reaction. Not only did they post online about their experience, but they also sent an email directly to the university — as much as it seems the theater department asked them to stop. “Theatre should be promoted from the time you discover it as a child until the end of university, and then you enter a world that is free of toxicity and a safe haven for all,” said Lisa Rubin, Executive Director of the Segal Centre. NB: Using the same hyperlink, you may have access to the French version of the collective agreement and letters of understanding. MONTREAL — A theatre educator at a large Quebec college is no longer teaching this fall after more than two dozen former students said he was harassing or harassing them. It is assumed that a teacher has a full-time annual charge (fee) if his OR is between 80 and 85.

In general, full-time work hours range from 40 to 44 CI units per semester. The college cannot assign a teacher, without the teacher`s consent, a workload of more than 85 CI or a workload of more than 55 CI units to a full-time teacher for a given semester (points 8-6.01 c). The current collective agreement 2015-2020 and the last two collective agreements can be downloaded under the following links. The latest collective agreement is the result of negotiations that began on October 30, 2015 and were concluded on June 17, 2016, when they were signed by representatives of the National Federation of Quebec Teachers (FNEEQ) and the Employers` Committee for Negotiation of Colleges (CPNC). It is calculated on the basis of the class declaration on September 20 for the fall semester and February 15 for the winter semester. The university can only reduce the number of students that has been established these days due to a decrease in the number of students according to these data if this decrease reduces the number of hours of classes (clauses 6-1.02 and 8-6.07). “The alleged facts were found to be extremely serious, which led the college to open an investigation,” he wrote, but the investigation “must continue” according to the procedures and deadlines set out in the teachers` employment contract. Some of these charges date back ten years and have appeared in the last three years. ACTRA Montreal Statement on Charges at Dawson College ACTRA Montreal is deeply concerned about the… He has received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Concordia University and the McGill University Management Undergrade Students` Teaching Award.

. Patrice Blais has been a lawyer since 2006 after completing the faculties of law (University of Montreal) and political science (Concordia University).

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